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Art that Works

These days, newly designed and built spaces — residences, commercial spaces, restaurants, tasting rooms, and more — are tall and broad, with surfaces punctuated by broad expanses of glass. When it comes to decor and accoustics, unusual spaces such as interior walls and stairwells are often challenging.

Paintings by Ted Olson solve these problems with artwork designed specifically for the space. The paintings bring light and color to accentuate modern architecture and carefully designed interiors.

A Design Process

The artwork is scaled to the space and can be designed to complement fabric decisions and even other artwork. Conversely, the paintings can be designed to make a bold statement, taking over visually and giving prominence to the specific space.

At the end of the project, you’ll have original artwork — a hybrid of abstract expressionism and emotive landscape — designed specifically for your space and created from archival materials.

Next Steps

Give me a call to arrange either a studio visit or a visit to your building. From there, we can discuss your interests and needs. Following that step, I will create a proposal for your review along with a work order for your signature.

From there, it’s back to the studio to create the pieces for your space.

About Us

I love paint. Love the color. Love the texture, the flow, the smell, and both the predictable and unpredictable aspects of paint. Paint is a window to the unknown, but always within a specific framework.

I’ve been painting for nearly 40 years. Always within a tradition based on abstract expressionism, but with an eye toward landscape and the power and stability of the horizon line. Perhaps an aspect of my career in graphic design, I am interested in the idea of designing fine artwork for a specific installation. I like the idea of solving a problem through the broad application of painting.

I believe in honoring all commitments, I like dogs, and I work hard. If that sounds good, give me a call.

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